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A history of the English language

A history of the English language

Richard Hogg, David Denison
The history and development of English, from the earliest known writings to its status today as a dominant world language, is a subject of major importance to linguists and historians. In this authoritative volume, a team of international experts cover the entire recorded history of the English language,outliningitsdevelopmentoverfifteencenturies.With an emphasis on more recent periods, every key stage in the history of the language is discussed, with full accounts of standardisation, names, the distribution of English in Britain and North America, and its global spread. New historical surveys of the crucial aspects of the language (sounds, word structure, grammar and vocabulary) are presented, and historical changes that have affected English are treated as a continuing process, helping to explain the shape of the languagetoday.Comprehensiveandfullyup-to-date,thevolume will be indispensable to all advanced students, scholars and teachers in this prominent field.
richard hogg is Smith Professor of Language and Medieval English at the University of Manchester. He is editor of volume 1 of The Cambridge History of the English Language(sixvolumes,1992–2001)andoneofthefounding editorsofthejournalEnglishLanguageandLinguistics(also published by Cambridge University Press). He is author of Metrical Phonology with Christopher McCully (Cambridge University Press, 1986), AGrammar of Old English (1992) and An Introduction to Old English (2002). He is Fellow of theBritishAcademy(1994),andFellowoftheRoyalSociety of Edinburgh (2004).
david denisonisProfessorofEnglishLinguisticsatthe UniversityofManchester,andhasheldvisitingappointments at the universities of Amsterdam, British Columbia, Santiago de Compostela and Paris 3. He is one of the founding editorsofthejournalEnglishLanguageandLinguistics(publishedbyCambridgeUniversityPress),andauthorofEnglish HistoricalSyntax(1993/2004)andofthe‘Syntax’chapterin volume4ofTheCambridgeHistoryoftheEnglishLanguage (1998). He is also co-editor of Fuzzy Grammar (2004).
New English File Elementary: Student's book

New English File Elementary: Student's book

O.Clive, L.Christina, S.Paul
The course that gets students talking
Fun, motivating lessons that work
The perfect balance of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and skills to get your students speaking English with confidence.
A complete package for teachers and students
The Teacher's Book gives you the support you need, and all the components work together for more effective learning.
Successful Writing: Upper- Intermediate Teacher's Book

Successful Writing: Upper- Intermediate Teacher's Book

Virginia Evans
Successful Writing Proficiency consists of nine units which cover all types of composition writing (description narratives, letters, discursive essays, articles, reviews) required at advanced levels. Each unit starts with a lean listening activity through which the basic plan for the type of writing the unit deals with is introduced. This also sen as a brainstorming activity, giving the teacher the chance to elicit useful language and ideas on the topic discussion. Detailed theory and plans are provided to be used as a reference by students. A variety of models which the theory is applied are followed by exercises to improve students’ writing skills, focusing on registering a style. The exercises are graded, leading to the acquisition of those skills needed for students to be able to write successfully at advanced levels. Topic identification, “discuss and write” sections and study check sections reinforce students’ knowledge and remind them of the structures previously presented, thus helping them revise the write areas covered in the book. The Teacher’s Book provides answers to the exercises, model plans, transcripts of 1 listening exercises and useful teaching tips. At the back of the Teacher’s Book are marked model compositions help teachers mark students’ compositions. The book is accompanied by a cassette with all the listening exercise The units can either be presented in the order they appear in the book or teachers can select the unit they want resent according to their own judgment and their students’ needs. The course can be covered in approximately 30 one-hour lessons.
 The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English language

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English language

David Crystal
This attractive resource is organized thematically in segments covering the history of the English language (Old English, Middle English, Modern English, English in different parts of the world); English vocabulary (its nature, structure, sources, etymology, and the dimensions of the lexicon); English grammar (structure of words and sentences, definitions of the main branches of grammar); spoken and written English; English usage (varieties of discourse and regional, social, and personal usage variations); and how people learn English and new ways to study English. Appendixes include a glossary, a list of symbols and abbreviations, references and addresses, further readings, and indexes of names, items, and topics.
А вообще, только честно Английский реально выучить, не продавая душу чёрту в пятницу 13?

А вообще, только честно Английский реально выучить, не продавая душу чёрту в пятницу 13?

Б.Ф. Дениелс
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