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European Foreign Policy during the Cold War

European Foreign Policy during the Cold War Daniel Möckli

Doing research in the field of International History can be a challenging endeavour. Different languages and archival idiosyncrasies often make work time-consuming; the multiplicity of actors may render the storyline all too complex; and extensive stays abroad can well be ruinous to the young researcher. I have been privileged to receive much support in writing this book. My first expression of gratitude belongs to Kurt R. Spillmann, who raised my interest in contemporary history and the challenges of multilateral cooperation, and who has accompanied my research with great competence and patience. I am also much indebted to Andreas Wenger, who has drawn my attention to issues of West–West relations during the Cold War and has given me many helpful comments on earlier drafts of this manuscript. During my research in Britain, France, and Germany, I have been fortunate enough to receive advice from Christopher Hill (University of Cambridge), N. Piers Ludlow (London School of Economics and Political Science), Anne Deighton (University of Oxford), Georges-Henri Soutou (Paris-Sorbonne), and Helga Haftendorn (Free University of Berlin).
Колчество страниц: 487
Год издания: 2009
ISBN: 978 1 84511 806 8
Количество просмотров: 22
Кафедра: Международные отношения
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